Affordable Healthcare Same as the Old Healthcare System Bought and Paid for by Insurance Companies.

Tried to Sign up for affordable healthcare today and finally found out how the system works. Basically it’s the same health care system as the old health care system. You shop from a list of insurance packages with the same high level premiums. The only assistance they offer is though subsidies which are determined by your tax status. Since I am married and I don’t pay taxes jointly with my wife subsidies won’t apply to me.

You need to be paying federal income tax and I will not subject myself to a system that steals resources from its own people to be used in promoting violence across the world. The government works for us, we don’t work for them. If you want to stop government, stop supporting it with your time, money and resources.

We need a health care system that is not tied into the federal government or the corrupt insurance companies that currently run this current program.