As above, so below: how the meaning finally became clear to me.

So I do a lot of research into spiritual practices for a film I am working on. Recently I came upon some channeling messages by the archangel Michael and other beings that channel messages though people living on earth via youtube and other forms of media.

The messages seemed benign but I always felt like sometime was wrong about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it started with questioning the words and symbols used with these beings. For me it seemed like there was a hierarchy to the structure of the ascension process that these being subscribe to. It always rubbed me the wrong way because that was a direct reflection on our current structure of society.

We have people at the top and people at the bottom. The people at the top are doing everything they can to trick the people at the bottom that they need the people at the top and that if you just work hard you can reach the top and rule over the people at the bottom.

As you are reading this are you feeling pressure in your head? Are you feeling violent and want to attack me or make me wrong right now? Sit with it and induce head pain at all costs, also dont give in to distraction, stay with me for a moment without thought, because as I write this I got distracted by outside influences at least 3 times.

So I started getting frustrated about the process of discerning truth. I mean how can you discern truth if you cant be sure the information is in your best interest? You need some way to gauge truth so you can tell if you are being deceived right?

I went back in my mind to something I read in hermetic book from Franz Bardon where he talked about whats called the Akashic records which is suppose to be a universal record of all life on on the planet and beyond using some kind of inter dimensional technology.

I thought, maybe I can see what someone else who had looked at these records would say about true teachings, who is lying and who is telling the truth. I started to feel like i need to have a system myself to discern truth without the help of others so maybe if I could learn about this practice it could help me.

I stumbled upon a youtube video with a guest who is known to be able to look at these records. The show itself rubs me the wrong way, its almost if its another false alternative news channel by looking at the production company’s specifics, and the flashing intro along with the name. Secondly I dont know if I can trust the intentions of the guest Andrew Bartzis either. But as he talked about even and false light it got me thinking about the idea of false light. False light having to do with beings and people tricked into being light workers with a connection to a lesser or false god; or ascended masters that do not have individuals interests at heart.

I thought, how can there be false light, there is either good or evil and you are either on one side or another.

So i started looking up the idea of false light and came to another website about someone who wrote a blog on the subject that used to be a light working and discovered the truth about this subject. Im not too keen on people asking for money to help people rediscover the truth, but I thought his ideas are sound.

The premise is that you are either a Sovereign Individual who is rejecting all contracts from entities, beliefs and ideas that have to do with working for or toward something that is not already within you and that we dont really need anybody save us from this life we created. We are connected to a source of all life where our true selves are from. We can connect with that source at any time. He calls it the galactic core.

The problem with false light and evil is the duality of this world that we have been tricked into believing. Evil either becomes an asset to you because you want to have power over others and dont care about the costs, or its repulsive and you are pushed in the other direction toward the false light where its either a religion, or a new age spiritual approach, or atheism. There is a hierarchy to these structures: There are religious leaders who interpret the word for you, ascended masters and people trying to achieve mastery, or people who put themselves or reason as the highest attribute they can achieve failing to recognize the connection to our origin.

It finally hit me that this is correct. trying operate as a light worker is still energy draining because you are aligning with beliefs and systems that are still hierarchical in nature.

It falls back to the final point. You can be a Sovereign Individual who exercises a divine and spiritual right to exist without becoming part of a system of control. and when you direct yourself toward independence of all control structures in the real world it effects your spiritual self in the other world. There both connected. So below as above.

Anyway I think this is an important discovery as I have been really focused on making my life as sovereign as I can, little did I know I was doing the work to make me independently of the dual evil false-light structure without even knowing it.

I feel this is why there is so much negativity directed toward the sovereign individual movement as it its one of the most important topics that is trying to be buried by people who want to maintain control over others.

If you direct yourself from this premise you start to realize that you can change your relationship to how you see your world and everybody around you by just making yourself a sovereign human being. Even if people dont recognize your right as much as you might like. The more you invest in it and get the right clarity on how it works from a legal perspective, the more you realize that you can change the fabric of what is and isn’t real by creating your own structure that supports you in becoming free of everything that gets in the way. And it seems like it has a tendency to effect others around you who try to block your efforts of becoming free.

Whatever you take away from this, I think the way to discern truth is to check to see if the information or the foundation behind it supports either a hierarchical structure of some kind, or support you ability to become a free Sovereign Individual.