Is NYPD’s Secret Spying Unit a Pilot Program for something much worse in America?

A lawsuit was filed against the NYPD by Muslim Americans in regards to a program that the  NYPD is running tasked with  infiltrating  religious and community organizations to look for terrorism activity.  A report from Democracy Now goes on to site a claim from the NYPD itself that the spy unit failed to yield a single terrorism investigation or even a lead to an investigation. One wonders why it’ still in operation if this is the case.  And from what I know about programs that run with no apparent results is that there is usually an alternative reason for its running in  or maybe we can just chalk it up to stupidity. I think that behind the stupidity are smart people doing something covert for self benefit.

The NYPD spy program was first exposed by to reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman. The  wrote a book about it called “Enemies Within”.  The book goes into  detail, focusing on the aftermath of 9/11 how the NYPD working with the CIA build an intelligence program to focus on American Citizens. Now i haven’t read the book but from the News Report it seems like there job was just to go out and listen for whats going on in communities on a large scale. Reporting what average Americans are talking about in regards to our social and political parties.

Whats interesting about is the New York’s police commissioner Ray Kelly is a candidate to lead the department of homeland security.

What if what they are not telling the public is that this is a test program to determine the methods for what works and doesn’t work to gather intel on communities with the goal to make them compliant to authority and to gather information to use when a serious event occurs like the collapse of our economy.

That could use this program on a much wider scale if Homland Security turns into a security force if Marital Law is imposed.

I’m no longer interested in worrying about what people think if this is true or not. I’m only interested in paying attention the patterns of what is happening.  Without proper information, connecting the dots is all you have to work with sometimes.