Pesticide manufacturers, EPA & Advocacy Groups: Failure to State a Claim Under Which Relief can be Granted

Here is a breakdown of what I think happened in the case against the EPA for failing to provide proper labeling for products with deadly chemicals. Here is what the judge said at the end of the case.

Plaintiffs are understandably frustrated that they may be no closer to fulfilling their goal eight years after petitioning the EPA to require that pesticide product labels list hazardous inert ingredients.

But the EPA has unambiguously ‘concluded’ the ‘matters’ presented to it in plaintiffs’ petitions, as required under the Administrative Procedures act, 5 U.S.C. §553(e),

(e)Each agency shall give an interested person the right to petition for the issuance, amendment, or repeal of a rule.

Here is what the judge is saying, the EPA fulfilled its duty under the  statute to allow you to petition for the issuance, amendment, or repeal of a rule. They allowed it, but did nothing. The statute does not require them to do anything only to allow you to petition.

and I can offer the plaintiffs no relief. This matter is moot, a deficiency which cannot be cured by amendment.

The second part he is saying the plaintiff has failed to state a claim under which a relief cant be granted, the case being moot a point of law if it is raised in a litigation, the point does not any longer affect the decision in the case before the court. The problem cannot be cured by an amendment, the judge is basically saying that you need to bring a case that he can provide relief.

My suggestion is to bring a common law claim against the EPA that violates a right, like civil servant misconduct. You need to file a claim against the man or women in the EPA who is allowing these chemicals to be used in products or is allowing the labeling to continue.


Regarding EFF’s Call For California lawmakers not to Undermine Smartphone Encryption

I think what we need to do is stop playing by federal rules and start blocking laws at the local level on a state by state basis. Forget trying to stop federal decisions, why fight them in their domain when we can handle this at the community level?

Conciser for a moment that all natural living beings and states are sovereign entities. That means that federal law makers answer to the people with the states. They operate by the consent of, and by the will of the people in which they serve. As it stands now, federal law makers are completely operating outside they’re mandate by violating the privacy and security of the people. The security of the nation is not more paramount than the security of its people. They have created a ideology that serves the purposeschoosenottoplaythegame of national security alone, by acting for what they think is in the best interests for the country, not whats in the best interests of the people. Please be aware that there are conflicts between national security and security of the people. We didn’t put them in place to serve national interests, we put them in place to serve people. I say if they are not serving us then what are they doing in office? We put them in place to secure our rights and freedoms. Lets keep it that way by not supporting this establishment.

We do that by  dissolving our relationship within the federal level and push for action on the state level. Require any cell phone company to abide by a set of standard rules that each requires of that company if they want to do business in that particular state. That way and federal rules that are put in place wont matter since cell phone providers answer to the states in which they operate.

If I am on the wrong track here or if there is another way please let me know. The point is we are not going to get anything done on the federal level, its completely corrupt, we need to stop supporting it with our time, money and energy.

Learning how to defend yourself from agents of the state or federal governments who try to place conditions on ownership

I recently heard about The Huntsville couple who is being harassed by the City for living off the grid in their own house.

Based on what I have learned about Common and Natural law there are a couple of ways you can approach this by calling the city’s bluff. There is always remedy in these situations, it requires knowing or learning how to defend your property properly.

Nobody every gave state or federal government any rights to your land and or property. If you own the equity in it free and clear who else has standing to place a term or condition on ownership but you?

Anybody who tries to exercise rights on your land that doesn’t own any equity in it is just pissing in the wind. If they don’t have standing, you can tell them that outright. When they try to sue you in court, you could say, “Your honor, its my understanding that this title gives me exclusive rights to the land. Because of this its my understanding that the plaintiff has no standing to place any term or condition on my ownership of this property” So long as you get the documentation on the record before going into court.

The best thing to do is to try to settle this out of court. You communicate with the specific (womb)man who is assuming that role of a state or federal government agent who is interfering with your rights only in writing using registered mail. As agents of state and federal governments talk a great game verbally but when it comes down to putting the criminal words in writing that’s a whole other matter. Dont get drawn into discussion, or arguments verbally face to face or over the phone. State that your preferred method of communication is in  writing. Make them get there actions on the record, and reply to them with your own writing.

I would send a letter to the state prosecutor or the agent that is operating the criminal act with the following request “It is my understanding that I own this property free of condition, Your request places a condition of ownership on my property by forcing me to vacate my land if I don’t hook my house to the electric grid. Could you please provide some evidence or facts that substantiates your claim, and what your standing is to place a condition of ownership on my property.”

I would be surprised if you ever hear from them again, but if they do follow though with an order to vacate signed by a judge mind you then submit a fee schedule that exceeds the cost of your house, the time requiring you leave your premises, along with expenses to find a new home or living arrangement with the party involved in submitting the order. Payment required upfront before the order is executed.

We live in a world of contract law and commerce, nobody is required to perform under contract law without agreement of the parties if you have standing. All statues and codes operate under contract law. You have a choice, they just want to convince you that their in power when their really not.

This is not legal advice, this is what I would have done in his condition before it got to the stage that it is right now. Im operating under the assumption that he has not defended his property rights so far, its at a point where he is to far on the defensive. If it were me and I let this go to far I would have to take the city agent to small claims court for damages on my time for having to deal with this harassment and put a lean on his property if he doesn’t pay me.

I’m not sure if you can file a criminal complaint against him for threatening impose a condition on your property without standing but I would work on that as well by going on the offense. You never want to put yourself in a position of playing catch up like this though, it doesn’t look good with the court because their assuming you don’t really know your rights if you let it get this far in the first place.

As above, so below: how the meaning finally became clear to me.

So I do a lot of research into spiritual practices for a film I am working on. Recently I came upon some channeling messages by the archangel Michael and other beings that channel messages though people living on earth via youtube and other forms of media.

The messages seemed benign but I always felt like sometime was wrong about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it started with questioning the words and symbols used with these beings. For me it seemed like there was a hierarchy to the structure of the ascension process that these being subscribe to. It always rubbed me the wrong way because that was a direct reflection on our current structure of society.

We have people at the top and people at the bottom. The people at the top are doing everything they can to trick the people at the bottom that they need the people at the top and that if you just work hard you can reach the top and rule over the people at the bottom.

As you are reading this are you feeling pressure in your head? Are you feeling violent and want to attack me or make me wrong right now? Sit with it and induce head pain at all costs, also dont give in to distraction, stay with me for a moment without thought, because as I write this I got distracted by outside influences at least 3 times.

So I started getting frustrated about the process of discerning truth. I mean how can you discern truth if you cant be sure the information is in your best interest? You need some way to gauge truth so you can tell if you are being deceived right?

I went back in my mind to something I read in hermetic book from Franz Bardon where he talked about whats called the Akashic records which is suppose to be a universal record of all life on on the planet and beyond using some kind of inter dimensional technology.

I thought, maybe I can see what someone else who had looked at these records would say about true teachings, who is lying and who is telling the truth. I started to feel like i need to have a system myself to discern truth without the help of others so maybe if I could learn about this practice it could help me.

I stumbled upon a youtube video with a guest who is known to be able to look at these records. The show itself rubs me the wrong way, its almost if its another false alternative news channel by looking at the production company’s specifics, and the flashing intro along with the name. Secondly I dont know if I can trust the intentions of the guest Andrew Bartzis either. But as he talked about even and false light it got me thinking about the idea of false light. False light having to do with beings and people tricked into being light workers with a connection to a lesser or false god; or ascended masters that do not have individuals interests at heart.

I thought, how can there be false light, there is either good or evil and you are either on one side or another.

So i started looking up the idea of false light and came to another website about someone who wrote a blog on the subject that used to be a light working and discovered the truth about this subject. Im not too keen on people asking for money to help people rediscover the truth, but I thought his ideas are sound.

The premise is that you are either a Sovereign Individual who is rejecting all contracts from entities, beliefs and ideas that have to do with working for or toward something that is not already within you and that we dont really need anybody save us from this life we created. We are connected to a source of all life where our true selves are from. We can connect with that source at any time. He calls it the galactic core.

The problem with false light and evil is the duality of this world that we have been tricked into believing. Evil either becomes an asset to you because you want to have power over others and dont care about the costs, or its repulsive and you are pushed in the other direction toward the false light where its either a religion, or a new age spiritual approach, or atheism. There is a hierarchy to these structures: There are religious leaders who interpret the word for you, ascended masters and people trying to achieve mastery, or people who put themselves or reason as the highest attribute they can achieve failing to recognize the connection to our origin.

It finally hit me that this is correct. trying operate as a light worker is still energy draining because you are aligning with beliefs and systems that are still hierarchical in nature.

It falls back to the final point. You can be a Sovereign Individual who exercises a divine and spiritual right to exist without becoming part of a system of control. and when you direct yourself toward independence of all control structures in the real world it effects your spiritual self in the other world. There both connected. So below as above.

Anyway I think this is an important discovery as I have been really focused on making my life as sovereign as I can, little did I know I was doing the work to make me independently of the dual evil false-light structure without even knowing it.

I feel this is why there is so much negativity directed toward the sovereign individual movement as it its one of the most important topics that is trying to be buried by people who want to maintain control over others.

If you direct yourself from this premise you start to realize that you can change your relationship to how you see your world and everybody around you by just making yourself a sovereign human being. Even if people dont recognize your right as much as you might like. The more you invest in it and get the right clarity on how it works from a legal perspective, the more you realize that you can change the fabric of what is and isn’t real by creating your own structure that supports you in becoming free of everything that gets in the way. And it seems like it has a tendency to effect others around you who try to block your efforts of becoming free.

Whatever you take away from this, I think the way to discern truth is to check to see if the information or the foundation behind it supports either a hierarchical structure of some kind, or support you ability to become a free Sovereign Individual.

World War II and Israel’s Occupation of Gaza

I’m currently researching Russian history. While reading about this subject I sometimes wonder if World War II was orchestrated to create the current conflict with Israel and Gaza, and give Israel an excuse to act just as bad as the Germans did during WWII. With the ultimate goal of bringing about WWIII.

Affordable Healthcare Same as the Old Healthcare System Bought and Paid for by Insurance Companies.

Tried to Sign up for affordable healthcare today and finally found out how the system works. Basically it’s the same health care system as the old health care system. You shop from a list of insurance packages with the same high level premiums. The only assistance they offer is though subsidies which are determined by your tax status. Since I am married and I don’t pay taxes jointly with my wife subsidies won’t apply to me.

You need to be paying federal income tax and I will not subject myself to a system that steals resources from its own people to be used in promoting violence across the world. The government works for us, we don’t work for them. If you want to stop government, stop supporting it with your time, money and resources.

We need a health care system that is not tied into the federal government or the corrupt insurance companies that currently run this current program.

We do not consent actions upon sovereign people of #Crimea, #Ukraine. Stand Down #UnitedStates

I Scott Larson do not support any actions of any kind, covert or not by the U.S Government or Entities within in against the sovereign living human beings of Ukraine or any sovereign living human beings of any other country that have not done harm to life, liberty or property of living human beings within U.S.A borders.

I Scott Larson am a sovereign living human being living on the land within the borders of the state of California, located in the U.S.A. The U.S Government is a corporation run by the Banking Elite of the Federal Reserve. The Banking Elite that run the Federal Reserve have taken control of the corporation named the U.S Federal Government.  This false government is not acting in my interests and I do not consent to actions in any shape or form without being properly informed and allowed to hold a debate by and for the sovereign living human beings living within the borders of the U.S.A.  The Federal Government or any entities acting behind The Federal Government do not and never had my support to operate militarily or politically against any sovereign nations that have not done harm to the Sovereign People living on the land of within the borders of the United States.

I call on any living human being, group or country that can offer assistance to removing any person, group, or entity that is not acting for the benefit of the sovereign living human beings located in the borders of the U.S.A.

The Sovereign living human beings of Ukraine and other countries have my deepest sympathy and respect and I want you to know that the land we live on is no longer under our control. Let us work together to get our countries back under our control.

Sincerely, Scott Larson

Sign the Petition.

Steam deletes forum post and blocks subscriber for criticizing the steam platform.

Today I tried to post in the steam forums about a situation brewing with the game developer Wild Games Studio of Day One: Garry’s Incident.

The situation is as follows: reported on torrentfreak, Wild Games Studio submitted a copyright notice to remove a negative game review video. People started posted on the steam forum for this game, and it was locked for only members who have purchased the game.

Posting privileges: Only players who own Day One: Garry’s Incident are allowed to post in this forum.

As far as I can remember as steam customers we are not running on a EA gaming platform. I went in to post a criticism about this tactic in the Steam forums.

Within seconds the of refreshing the page the post disappeared. Unsure of what was happening, I posted it a second time thinking it might have not went though.

Seconds later it was gone again.

A third time I tried to post it. Gone again, this time banned from the forums for reasons of spam.  No warning what so ever. You know you have a problem when moderators are deleting/moving threads without warning and then banning people who voice criticisms.


Disclaimer: Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to move, change, or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate or unsuitable.

Nobody and No company should have a right to silence responsible and respectful feedback about a game distribution platform or game. Steam crossed the line with this kind of tactic and it should be held accountable. There should be some definitely changes to the forum polices and it should be specific in what kinds of speech it can prevent. Please support changes to Steams forum policies that give them the right to delete any post without question.

To anyone who is experience this please follow me on @trinsic1 hashtag #totalitariansteam

The forum post is below:

Ok im done Steam has turned into a totalitarian platform

Devs just locked day one: garrys incident from allowing only customers who brought the game from posting in the forms.

This is the last straw, I’m sorry, if steam is going to allow developers to lock forums whenever they want to silence criticisms, then I no longer have a game platform that I can support. I’m switching to part time activism against steams free speech restrictions. I’m gonna give them three months to change this policy in the mean time I’m going on the offensive with gathering people together to form a movement to stop these kinds of restrictive practices.


I have already been working on exit strategies for re-purchase/re-acquire my games from the last fiasco regarding the steam terms of service involving arbitration.  Even though I have been purchasing games because I thought that steam would come around maybe in a year or two II have realized that my actions were a mistake. Valve has no interest in maintaining certain rights between its customers developers and this distribution platform. They want to put all the power in the hands of the developers an make customers feel like they are just consumers, its just getting worse.


Follow me on twitter @trinsic1 hashtag #totalitariansteam


This was a link to the forum post which now redirects to the main steam discussion page.

Is NYPD’s Secret Spying Unit a Pilot Program for something much worse in America?

A lawsuit was filed against the NYPD by Muslim Americans in regards to a program that the  NYPD is running tasked with  infiltrating  religious and community organizations to look for terrorism activity.  A report from Democracy Now goes on to site a claim from the NYPD itself that the spy unit failed to yield a single terrorism investigation or even a lead to an investigation. One wonders why it’ still in operation if this is the case.  And from what I know about programs that run with no apparent results is that there is usually an alternative reason for its running in  or maybe we can just chalk it up to stupidity. I think that behind the stupidity are smart people doing something covert for self benefit.

The NYPD spy program was first exposed by to reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman. The  wrote a book about it called “Enemies Within”.  The book goes into  detail, focusing on the aftermath of 9/11 how the NYPD working with the CIA build an intelligence program to focus on American Citizens. Now i haven’t read the book but from the News Report it seems like there job was just to go out and listen for whats going on in communities on a large scale. Reporting what average Americans are talking about in regards to our social and political parties.

Whats interesting about is the New York’s police commissioner Ray Kelly is a candidate to lead the department of homeland security.

What if what they are not telling the public is that this is a test program to determine the methods for what works and doesn’t work to gather intel on communities with the goal to make them compliant to authority and to gather information to use when a serious event occurs like the collapse of our economy.

That could use this program on a much wider scale if Homland Security turns into a security force if Marital Law is imposed.

I’m no longer interested in worrying about what people think if this is true or not. I’m only interested in paying attention the patterns of what is happening.  Without proper information, connecting the dots is all you have to work with sometimes.