Regarding EFF’s Call For California lawmakers not to Undermine Smartphone Encryption

I think what we need to do is stop playing by federal rules and start blocking laws at the local level on a state by state basis. Forget trying to stop federal decisions, why fight them in their domain when we can handle this at the community level?

Conciser for a moment that all natural living beings and states are sovereign entities. That means that federal law makers answer to the people with the states. They operate by the consent of, and by the will of the people in which they serve. As it stands now, federal law makers are completely operating outside they’re mandate by violating the privacy and security of the people. The security of the nation is not more paramount than the security of its people. They have created a ideology that serves the purposeschoosenottoplaythegame of national security alone, by acting for what they think is in the best interests for the country, not whats in the best interests of the people. Please be aware that there are conflicts between national security and security of the people. We didn’t put them in place to serve national interests, we put them in place to serve people. I say if they are not serving us then what are they doing in office? We put them in place to secure our rights and freedoms. Lets keep it that way by not supporting this establishment.

We do that by  dissolving our relationship within the federal level and push for action on the state level. Require any cell phone company to abide by a set of standard rules that each requires of that company if they want to do business in that particular state. That way and federal rules that are put in place wont matter since cell phone providers answer to the states in which they operate.

If I am on the wrong track here or if there is another way please let me know. The point is we are not going to get anything done on the federal level, its completely corrupt, we need to stop supporting it with our time, money and energy.