Steam deletes forum post and blocks subscriber for criticizing the steam platform.

Today I tried to post in the steam forums about a situation brewing with the game developer Wild Games Studio of Day One: Garry’s Incident.

The situation is as follows: reported on torrentfreak, Wild Games Studio submitted a copyright notice to remove a negative game review video. People started posted on the steam forum for this game, and it was locked for only members who have purchased the game.

Posting privileges: Only players who own Day One: Garry’s Incident are allowed to post in this forum.

As far as I can remember as steam customers we are not running on a EA gaming platform. I went in to post a criticism about this tactic in the Steam forums.

Within seconds the of refreshing the page the post disappeared. Unsure of what was happening, I posted it a second time thinking it might have not went though.

Seconds later it was gone again.

A third time I tried to post it. Gone again, this time banned from the forums for reasons of spam.  No warning what so ever. You know you have a problem when moderators are deleting/moving threads without warning and then banning people who voice criticisms.


Disclaimer: Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to move, change, or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate or unsuitable.

Nobody and No company should have a right to silence responsible and respectful feedback about a game distribution platform or game. Steam crossed the line with this kind of tactic and it should be held accountable. There should be some definitely changes to the forum polices and it should be specific in what kinds of speech it can prevent. Please support changes to Steams forum policies that give them the right to delete any post without question.

To anyone who is experience this please follow me on @trinsic1 hashtag #totalitariansteam

The forum post is below:

Ok im done Steam has turned into a totalitarian platform

Devs just locked day one: garrys incident from allowing only customers who brought the game from posting in the forms.

This is the last straw, I’m sorry, if steam is going to allow developers to lock forums whenever they want to silence criticisms, then I no longer have a game platform that I can support. I’m switching to part time activism against steams free speech restrictions. I’m gonna give them three months to change this policy in the mean time I’m going on the offensive with gathering people together to form a movement to stop these kinds of restrictive practices.


I have already been working on exit strategies for re-purchase/re-acquire my games from the last fiasco regarding the steam terms of service involving arbitration.  Even though I have been purchasing games because I thought that steam would come around maybe in a year or two II have realized that my actions were a mistake. Valve has no interest in maintaining certain rights between its customers developers and this distribution platform. They want to put all the power in the hands of the developers an make customers feel like they are just consumers, its just getting worse.


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This was a link to the forum post which now redirects to the main steam discussion page.