Learning how to defend yourself from agents of the state or federal governments who try to place conditions on ownership

I recently heard about The Huntsville couple who is being harassed by the City for living off the grid in their own house.

Based on what I have learned about Common and Natural law there are a couple of ways you can approach this by calling the city’s bluff. There is always remedy in these situations, it requires knowing or learning how to defend your property properly.

Nobody every gave state or federal government any rights to your land and or property. If you own the equity in it free and clear who else has standing to place a term or condition on ownership but you?

Anybody who tries to exercise rights on your land that doesn’t own any equity in it is just pissing in the wind. If they don’t have standing, you can tell them that outright. When they try to sue you in court, you could say, “Your honor, its my understanding that this title gives me exclusive rights to the land. Because of this its my understanding that the plaintiff has no standing to place any term or condition on my ownership of this property” So long as you get the documentation on the record before going into court.

The best thing to do is to try to settle this out of court. You communicate with the specific (womb)man who is assuming that role of a state or federal government agent who is interfering with your rights only in writing using registered mail. As agents of state and federal governments talk a great game verbally but when it comes down to putting the criminal words in writing that’s a whole other matter. Dont get drawn into discussion, or arguments verbally face to face or over the phone. State that your preferred method of communication is in  writing. Make them get there actions on the record, and reply to them with your own writing.

I would send a letter to the state prosecutor or the agent that is operating the criminal act with the following request “It is my understanding that I own this property free of condition, Your request places a condition of ownership on my property by forcing me to vacate my land if I don’t hook my house to the electric grid. Could you please provide some evidence or facts that substantiates your claim, and what your standing is to place a condition of ownership on my property.”

I would be surprised if you ever hear from them again, but if they do follow though with an order to vacate signed by a judge mind you then submit a fee schedule that exceeds the cost of your house, the time requiring you leave your premises, along with expenses to find a new home or living arrangement with the party involved in submitting the order. Payment required upfront before the order is executed.

We live in a world of contract law and commerce, nobody is required to perform under contract law without agreement of the parties if you have standing. All statues and codes operate under contract law. You have a choice, they just want to convince you that their in power when their really not.

This is not legal advice, this is what I would have done in his condition before it got to the stage that it is right now. Im operating under the assumption that he has not defended his property rights so far, its at a point where he is to far on the defensive. If it were me and I let this go to far I would have to take the city agent to small claims court for damages on my time for having to deal with this harassment and put a lean on his property if he doesn’t pay me.

I’m not sure if you can file a criminal complaint against him for threatening impose a condition on your property without standing but I would work on that as well by going on the offense. You never want to put yourself in a position of playing catch up like this though, it doesn’t look good with the court because their assuming you don’t really know your rights if you let it get this far in the first place.